To authors

The List of Requirements and Conditions
to the Author’s Manuscripts Registration

The scientific and documentary journal «Echo of Centuries» publishes articles on the following branches of science:

    – 07.00.00. Historical sciences and archeology. The main requirement to the published material is correspondence to the high scientific criteria (relevance, scientific novelty, etc.). The reprint of articles published in other periodicals is not allowed. The edition’s position can differ from the authors’ point of view. The authors bear responsibility for information reliability, accuracy of the facts, figures and quotes, and also for the fact that the documents include the data which aren’t subject to the open publication.

    All scientific articles should be peer reviewed. Editorial staff informs the author on the solution of an editorial board. (For more information, see the section «Manuscripts Reviewing»).

    Stylistic and formal corrections are made by the editor without the consent of the author. More serious corrections, if necessary, are coordinated with the author or article is sent back to the author for improvement. Manuscripts do not come back.

    The materials sent to edition are published free of charge.

The Procedure of Submission of the Articles to Publication.

    The editors accept the article in the Russian and Tatar languages, corresponding to a profile of the edition (scientific articles, unpublished documents with comments, reviews of funds, reviews of books (the reviewed book has to come to editors)). It is necessary to include the recommendation of chair and/or department of scientific, educational institution.

    Article is made out according to editorial requirements «The Requirements to the Article Registration» (see further), documents are made out according to «The Rules of the Edition of Historical Documents in the USSR» (M., 1990), bibliographic links are made out according to the government standard (GOST 7.1-2003) «Bibliographic Record. Bibliographic Description. General Requirements and Practice of Drawing up».

    The author should provide the following information in the Russian and English languages: the name of the article, the summary (maximum 500 characters), keywords (5-7 concepts).The authors should also provide the personal information in the Russian and English languages (in electronic form and/or on paper): surname, name, middle name; a place of employment (with the address); position; academic status, academic degree; office phone number (if available); the mobile phone number (for communication with edition); personal e-mail.

    The publication is submitted in the journal editorial office (to the executive secretary) to the following address: 4, Dekabristov street, Kazan, Russian Federation or by the registered letter to the following address: 2/6, Kremlevskaya street, Kazan, Russian Federation, 420111.

    Requirements to the Article.

    The article has to be submitted in printed and electronic forms. The articles on paper are accepted only in the presence of the electronic version.

    Printing on sheets A4, volume is 10-15 pages (together with documents and notes), the Times New Roman 14pt font, line spacing — 1,5, paragraph indent — 1,25; top and tail margin — 1,5 cm; the left margin — 2 cm; the right margin — 1,5 cm. Using headlines, manual transfers and spaces are not allowed. Spell checking is obligatory. Notes must be made as the main text after introductory article or the document. Printing form has to be signed by the author.

    Photos, drawings, documents, etc. — the originals or photocopies with the best quality are accepted as the illustrations. In case of using the document in electronic form as the illustration must meet the following requirements: a file format — tiff, resolution — 300dpi, compression type — lzw (coding IBM PC), the color mode — grayscale. It is forbidden to place graphic files in the text of the publication in a WinWord file format. The illustration ought to have the detailed comment including the description and a storage place.

    Non-compliance with requirements to registration of the publication is the basis for return the article to the author on completion.

    Terms of Articles Providing.

    According to frequency of the journal publication on № 1/2 (first half of the year) have to be provided till February 1, on № 3/4 (second half of the year) have to be provided till September 1 of the current ye